About Tove

Tove Redeby in nature, Living Truth Coaching's founder

Guided by a
Quest for Truth

Inspired by raw wilderness, Swedish-born Tove has always recognized the energy of the plants and outdoors as an essential part of her spirit. Retreat into nature is both temple and sanctuary on her path, a place where self and source become clear and everything makes sense. In her lifelong quest for truth, Tove has walked fiercely with a strong spirit and courageous heart, unafraid to dance to the beat of her own drum and move away from the well-tread path. The courage to be herself inspires others to follow their own purpose.

Tove’s deep call to be in service was initiated over a decade ago while working with Ayahuasca in Peru. She has never stopped walking the medicine path since, personally working with numerous plant teachers and entheogens, as well as facilitating private medicine ceremonies for others.

She continues to foster her own connection with the visionaries and plant teachers, a call that is rooted in service to her own spiritual path — and deepened through its parallel gift of serving and holding sacred space for others.

Tove holds an innate ability to attune to the rhythm of others. The addictions that once patterned her life now present as gifts, allowing her to hold deep compassion and relate to others’ experiences through a non-judgemental lens. Her ability to listen with presence is balanced with a deep humility for being in service and assisting others on the path. With a sincere fascination for the human experience, she is committed to shining the light for others as their process unravels in perfection, until they realize the truth — that the light has always been in their hands.

“I stand as your witness, offering support and guidance to help you access your own unique capacity for change. I am here to walk the path beside you — not to find or walk it for you. The healer is already within you.”

— Tove Redeby —